Husqvarna Core Drill - DM 230

DM 230 Core Drill DM 230 in stand DM 230 in kit

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A smaller, more compact handheld core drill used to drill openings up to 4" in diameter. It's a good drill for horizontal drilling and when in confined spaces.

Accessories: Slurry vacuum ring, Water tank or WT 15 pressurized water tank.


Can be mounted on the DS 150 drill stand for angle drilling applications and drilling holes up to 6" in diameter

Used to drill holes for ventilation, plumbing pipes, joints, electrical sockets and telecom cables in reinforced concrete, bricks and other building materials.

2.4 HP (1.8 kW)


  • Equipped with Elgard, which indicates via pulsation when the machine is overloaded, provides a longer product life
  • Smartstart reduces drill motor RPMs to decrease vibration when starting a hole
  • Softstart slowly increases morot RPMs when starting, which reduces wear on the motor and brushes
  • The 3-speed, water-cooled gearbox provides optimal drilling peformance and longer service intervals
  • Designed with a plastic housing, which makes it more durable against drops and daily wear
  • The handle and controls are designed and positioned to further enhance drilling performance and ergonomics