Sep 19

Michael Kelly

What Size Subersible Pump Do you Need?

by Michael Kelly

  Puget Sound Equipment Sales is a veteran owned pump and generator company located North of Seattle, in Everett (WA).  We specialize in renting and selling a variety of pumps, including a variety of electric submersible pumps.  Though before you order a submersible pump, here are a list of questions you should be able to answer.

1.  What are you trying to pump (clean water, sewage, pond water, mud, chemicals...)

2.  What type of power do you have available (115V, 220V, 460V 3Phase)?

3.  Do you have size restrictions, base on where you want to place the electric submersible pump (example, does the pump have to fit in a 10" casing?)?

4.  How much water do you need to move?

5.  How far do you have to move the water and how much elevation gain?

6.  Do you need the submersible pump to automatically turn on and off, depending on the height of the water?

  Give us a call at Puget Sound Equipment Sales, when you need to rent or purchase your next electric submersible pump in the greater seattle or everett areas.  Remember that we stock a full variety of Tsurumi Pumps, Grindex Pumps and Weda Pumps, so call us when you need your next pump at 206-788-7952