Jan 31

Michael Kelly

Pioneer Pump Vacuum Pump Service Kit

by Michael Kelly

Puget Sound Equipment Sales is your Pioneer Pump distributor in Seattle and should be your fist call for all Pioneer Pump Parts.  Puget Sound Equipment Sales understands that there are few things worse than shutting down your job-site because of broken $20 part and it is because of this that we are offering our customers Service Kits for Pioneer Pump Vacuum Pumps.  Pioneer Pump has kits for the lower and upper vacuum pump, but most common wear parts are found in the upper portion of the Vacuum Pump.  Pioneer Pump upper service kit has all the parts required to rebuild the upper part on your Pioneer Pump Vacuum Kit without having to go through a parts breakdown list and hoping that you didn't forget to order a cotter pin or o-ring.   We recommend customers to buy on upper kit and then re-order the Pioneer Pump Parts as you use them, so you will always have the part you need to get your Pioneer Pump up and running as soon as possible.  Contact with orders or questions at (425)423-PUMP

Pioneer Pump Upper Vacuum Pump Service Kit - PN 374000103

1- Neck Seal, Vacuum Pump

1- Actuator Valve, Vacuum Pump

1- Actuator Seal, Vacuum Pump

2- Inlet/Outlet Valve, Vacuum Pump

1- Hex Nut

1- Cotter Pin

2- Stud Assembly (4 per)

1- Bolt Assembly, upper and lower housing

1- Inlet Nozzle Gasket, Vacuum pump

1- Actuator, Vacuum Pump